Real Estate Pre-License Education: A National Call for Reporting Transparency

with J. Reid Cummings and Kenneth Hunsader, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, Volume 21(1), 2018, 77-84, doi:10.1080/10835547.2018.12091778


Using 43,285 results for Alabama real estate license exams administered over 13 years, we explore the relationship between examinees' pass-fail rates and the sources of their pre-license education. The findings reveal professional school graduates fare better than their non-professional school counterparts. This suggests non-professional schools should work to either improve their approach to real estate exam pre-license education, or leave it entirely to those doing so for a living. Our findings provided the basis for the Alabama Real Estate Commission's adoption of multiple policy changes aimed at improving the quality of Alabama real estate pre-license education and the pass-fail rates of future Alabama real estate license examinees. We call on all U.S. licensing authorities to adopt transparent reporting standards for real estate license education, including, at a minimum, public disclosure of pass-fail rates for both license test examinees and pre-license education providers.

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